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Weddings are one of the most special events in one’s life. Our team of wedding planners will craft your special day diligently focusing on your wants while staying true to your budget. You can rest assured that our experience and talent with wedding planning will guarantee a unique and personal experience.

Fine Dining

Our highly skilled and artistic chefs reside at the heart of our fine dining program. Our focus on cutting edge techniques harmonized by homage to classics keeps our menus evocative of the theme, season, or cuisine chose by our clients. Our well-versed service staff foster elegant environments conducive to the dining experience. Both cuisine and service are guaranteed to create a memorable event.

Cocktail Party

From initial inquiry to the wrap up of the event, our cocktail parties come to life with effortless ease. We conduct full onsite walk-throughs to visualize the event and ensure optimal setup for comfort and enjoyment of your guests. From our onsite chefs to our wait staff and bartenders, we will make your next cocktail party a fun and vibrant event!

Film, Photo, and Crew

CFC has provided outstanding catering services for film, print, and production crews over the past 25 years. Our in-studio or on-location breakfast, lunch, dinner, and craft services keep your talent and crew going. Trust in our expertise, reputation, and longevity in crew catering business!

Corporate & Tech Daily Lunches

CFC provides a variety of seasonally inspired, health-conscious lunch menus. We understand the various dietary needs of your staff and are able to integrate their needs into interesting daily menus.

Team Building Events

Hosted in our San Francisco private dining facility, "The Chef's Table at CFC", our goal is to engage your staff in a triathlon of wine tasting, cooking, and eating to build social connections and camaraderie amongst your entire work team.

Casual Events

Casual events focus on delivering industry leading value on food, stylishly presented, with a focus on cost effectiveness. The set-up is typically buffet style, with a reduced number of staff to ensure a comfortable price point.


CFC offers a wide variety of rentals to fulfill all of your event needs. From tablewares to furniture, we have top quality equipment available for your use.

Bar Service

CFC is fully insured, licensed, and permitted to serve alcoholic beverages in California. If you need a custom bar set-up, service package, or a drink menu designed to coordinate with your food; CFC will work with you to put together the event that you desire. To find out more, take a look at the bar packages on our menus page, or inquire with sales team.